Coffee Crusher

Many coffee growers have heard of agricultural implements to crush the coffee plant or its culture pruning (topping, crown reduction, thinning or pollarding).

TRITUCAP is here to optimize the service of agricultural implements. Composed of fixed blades with high strength and durability, it drastically improves operational efficiency, contributing to reduce the cost of this type of management in the coffee plantation.

The advantages are numerous, mainly by its system of cutting with blades and counter-blade, which guarantees grinding of 1-3cm of waste particle size, as it will depend on the speed of the tractor, plant moisture and blade sharpening. As for agricultural implements, which have movable hammers, there is a lot of breaking of bolts and hammers themselves, as well as repeatedly passing up to five times, in order to do a better job.

It is recommended to use tractors fitted with creeper gear, as it will preserve the tractor’s clutch system and increase crushing efficiency.

Coffee Crusher Video