Secondary Vegetation Crusher

Secondary Vegetation Crusher is also intended for cleaning areas with secondary vegetation. They arise when the original vegetation is deforested, and through its regeneration, a new vegetation is born or they can be born through seeds brought by birds or wind. The Secondary Vegetation forest is also called Capoeira, in Brazil.

The secondary vegetation is a forest that in its initial to intermediate stages can present height of up to 6 meters and Diameter at Brest Height (DBH) of up to 7 centimeters. After ten years of life, it enters its intermediate stage, in which it can get up to 8 meters in height and 9 centimeters of DBH. In the advanced stage, usually after 20 years, it can reach 10 meters in height and 11 inches of DBH.

Over the years and with its development, it arouses man’s interest and, thus, ends up suffering deforestation. However, this process is not always done in an ecologically correct way, and the TRITUCAP was developed with that concern.

The origin of the name TRITUCAP came from the Portuguese expression “Secondary Vegetation Crusher”, using the first syllables of the two words in the Portuguese language [“Trituradora de Capoeira“]. It is a machine that performs the crushing process without any kind of environmental damage. It does not harm the soil and also does not produce any type of burning that would harm the atmosphere, so it is the most recommended equipment for those who wish to crush without destroying the environment.

Besides, the remains left by TRITUCAP can be used as fertilizer, which should be used to grow new crops.